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Everything is propelled with the philosophy of Let’s Do Good.

Human element of caring & helping is foundation of our approach towards patients & clients.

We consider it our holy duty to help patients understand their diseases which will ultimately help them get better.

The satisfaction of helping fellow human beings in distress is what propels us towards our prime principle - care and dedication.


Krsnaa Diagnostics is a vanguard of patient care & technology excellence with an accuracy of test results to ensure precise patient diagnosis.

Krsnaa Diagnostics offers latest technologies with Qualified and Committed staff. We provide fast & affordable diagnostic services.

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Krsnaa is top leading runner in radiology testing with the latest technology. Available radiology services are CT Scan, MRI, Digital X-Ray, 2D Echo, DEXA Scan Color Doppler & Ultrasound.


Krsnaa offers advance tests in molecular pathology, cytogenetics, immunopathology, histopathology & hematology at our fully automatic diagnostic labs for pathology.

Tele Radiology

Krsnaa is a service provider that focuses on working with hospitals, clinic and imaging centers, providing them complete urgent care for all types of mobile imaging radiology services.

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Latest Technology

Using technological tools from call logging, work-flow management, order execution to results reporting, many processes are automated to give you a memorable service experience.

Qualified and Committed Staff

Samples are collected by qualified and professional technicians who are carefully selected and continuously trained to deliver best quality.

Timely Affordable Service

Save commuting time and the traffic hassles. Best of all; get the work done in minutes instead of hours.

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Valued Testimonials

Our continuous process of maintaining quality, patient safety, accountability and efficiency leads to positive outcomes. As a result of this constant care and drive, Krsnaa’s humane touch is more remembered by the patients… a smile, kind words and a soothing touch... Yes, there is always someone to hold the patient’s hand in a gesture of reassurance.

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    Krsnaa scans are reliable and act as guidance before doing invasive procedure of genitourinary system in cases of calculi and neoplasms. They provide accurate information which helps in choosing appropriate surgical procedure like complete or partial prostatectomy, nephrectomy and various lithotomy procedures. - Dr. Mukesh Shah (Urologist)

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    I have been using MRI and CT Scans offered by the Krsnaa Diagnostics for over few year now. The system is highly efficient and enables me to investigate patients quickly and reporting is usually the same day and Urgent Requests are accommodated whenever possible and communication is excellent. If onward referral to secondary care is required following an investigation, images can be sent promptly to the appropriate specialist if the Global Clinic are given details. Imaging findings are well matched with orthoscopic findings. Radiologist are contactable for any reference. - Dr. Kshitij Shah (Orthopedic)

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    Krsnaa Diagnostics has been a value addition to our physician owned surgical hospital, providing prompt and easy access to diagnostic services for patients and physicians. They provide reliable reporting and are responsive to individual requests. I would not hesitate to recommend Krsnaa Diagnostics for anyone interested in quality services. - Sarvadnya Hospital

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    Dear Sir I have visited Krsnaa Diagnostics at Shatabdi Hospital, Kandivali.  Staff was very polite and gave good explanation.  Your premises are neat, clean and hygienic.  The services are at affordable prices and within the reach of any person.  All CT Scan rates are very affordable too.  Technicians at your center are very good, efficient and highly educated.  Patient care at your center was done very carefully with good explanation and precautions.  The reports were delivered to me in short period.  I recommend Krsnaa Diagnostics to my family and friends.  Thanking you. - Mr. Rajesh Tiwari (Patient)

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    The service provided by your center is very good. The staff is also cooperative and the cost is affordable than other diagnostic service providers. - Mr. Sravan Kumar (Patient)

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    Best service given and the reports were provided within short time. - Mr. Krshnan Bhai Chouhan (Patient)

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    I did my MRI scan, it is cost effective in comparison to other centers. The staff was gentle and polite. The reports were given in proper time. Film and detailed study reports were given. - Mr. Thirunavukarasu (Patient)

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    Thank you so much for the wonderful care and treatment you gave me during my session, really touched beyond words. - Mr. Sahu (Patient)

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    We are thankful to the government and Krsnaa Diagnostics for having center in Pratapgarh and we do not have to spent more money and time in going out to any other place for scans. It is helpful and gift for poor people. - Ms. Vimala Sharma (Patient)

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    I did x-ray at Krsnaa Diagnostics and would like to appreciate you and all the staff members for the good service and interaction. The staff members were helpful. I wish you all the best and have success in future. - Mr. Shailesh Atit (Patient's Relative)

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    I had a CT scan at your center. I am very satisfied by the service given by the staff and technicians, and would like to refer my friends and family members for scan or other services provided by your center. - Mr. Sudhakar Babu (Patient)

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    On two occasions, I had diagnostic tests performed at your facility. I have had similar testing done elsewhere. Your personnel, from receptionist to technologist to radiologist, are uniformly the most pleasant, understanding, caring and professional that I have encountered anywhere. It is truly a satisfying experience to be cared for at your facility. - Atul Kammble (Patient)

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    Thanks to all who assisted me as I hobbled around on my crutches. I was obviously fatigued and in pain and you were very patient and understanding. It turned out I had a fractured pelvis. The wheelchair was a big help and thanks to attendent for driving me back to my pick-up. It saved me many steps. Keep up the good work. - Mr. Nitin Taloje

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    I recently had an MRI procedure and was very impressed by the care and concern of the front desk staff and especially by my MRI technologist. They were very accommodating and helpful. - Mr. Samir Phadtare (Patient)


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Unilateral Cerebellar Hypoplasia - A case report

Clinical History - 2 month old male child presented with seizures

Imaging Findings - PLAIN MRI BRAIN was advised which showed that left cerebellar hemisphere was hypoplastic and was smaller in size compared to right side (Fig 1, 2, 3 and 4-red arrow). Grey and white matter of the cerebellum was normal and did not show any signal changes. Fourth ventricle was normal. Cisterna magna was normal. Vertebral and basilar arteries showed normal flow voids.....

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Typically appearing dermoid cyst of neck in atypical location - A case report

Clinical History - A 24 year old woman presented with a slow-growing swelling on the left side of her neck for 6 months.

Imaging Findings - Axial pre- (fig. 1) and post-contrast (fig. 2) CT neck was performed with coronal (fig. 3) and sagittal (fig. 4) reconstructions. This showed a well-defined, thin walled, subtly enhancing unilocular hypodense lesion (red arrow) containing multiple small fat density globules (blue arrow) giving.....

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Traumatic pseudoaneurysm of Superficial Temporal Artery (STA)--A case report

Clinical History - 20 years young male presented with a headache and a scalp swelling in left frontal region. He had a road traffic accident 3 months back. Plain CT BRAIN performed at that time was within normal limits. He was referred to the neurosurgeon who advised MRI BRAIN WITH MR angiography.

Imaging Findings - MRI BRAIN of the patient was within normal limits except for small well defined oval lesion.....