Life at Krsnaa

We at Krsnaa believe that our greatest strength is our team of employees. We believe in empowering our employees to equip themselves with the knowledge that is vastly available throughout the organization, in terms of technology and expertise. We motivate them to take up more responsibilities and upskill themselves constantly.

We don’t miss a chance to extend our gratitude to every employee who's been a part of our growth. We hope to help them build and make memories with us, and we believe in taking pride in their accomplishments and achievements just as much as our own.

What we offer :

1. Best Industry Exposure

  • Value-based healthcare has been predicted to be the best solution for a sustainable future of diagnostic industry. Krsnaa provides quality diagnostic services at affordable costs, thus maximizing value for the patients across the country. We are at the right juncture in time, with a major shift from reactive-treatment based healthcare to predictive and preventive healthcare happening right ahead. This shift combined with the advantage of technology makes diagnostics an exciting line of business to be in. Krsnaa has proved to be a pioneer in leveraging technology for the benefit of the patients at large. 
  • We have partnered with many state governments, central government-run initiatives, major private teaching hospitals and charitable trusts. We have grown from 2 centers in 2011 to more than 1500 centers in 2019. Krsnaa promises challenging work environment with dynamic growth and diversification prospects.  
  • With our PAN India presence, we have a culturally and linguistically diverse pool of employees, and the cross-cultural learning is immense. Our professional technicians and managers cherish the opportunities to move across the country to take up various responsibilities, interact and understand the business as in that region.

2. Training and Development 

  • Training needs are identified from time-to-time to ensure that the employees are kept updated on the latest developments and advancements in the industry 
  • With a well-equipped team to manage training & development elements of employee lifecycle, we upskill our employees to acquire the skills and knowledge required for the next position in the ladder
  • Guaranteed career progression as a promise to delivery of responsibilities

3. Employee Engagement

  • We believe in making the work environment as enriching and joyous for our employees. We thrive to inculcate a sense of belongingness and oneness among all our employees, which has clearly proved to have affected the morale and productivity of work positively.
  • Every festive occasion and function are celebrated here at Krsnaa, as one big family
  • Every year, our Foundation Day is celebrated with various activities with an aim to express our gratitude for the organization we now have and for all the people that factored towards it.
  • Our Annual event happens towards the end of the financial year, and is breath-taking in its own grandeur and exuberance. With goal setting for the next financial year, recreational activities with a lot of colourful gala and zeal enthral all our employees, vendors, partners, investors and our Board.
  • Employees are open to brainstorm their ideas with the senior management in Krsnaa. We have an open-door policy here, by which we indulge and encourage new ideas/suggestions/grievances from employees to be directly discussed with the top management.

What we Expect :

  • Belief and commitment to our mission of making quality diagnostics accessible and affordable to all
  • Respect to fellow employees and managers, and readiness to work as a team
  • Possess high levels of integrity at workplace
  • Gender Inclusivity at work place
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