Brain Spectroscopy

  • For patients suffering from a stroke or epilepsy
  • It is also beneficial to detect a possible brain tumour.
  • Post-op evaluation of brain tumours
  • Before the preparation for an MRI Scan, you should inform doctor about any metallic objects, such as plates or implants in your body.
  • The patient will lie down on a table that slides into the MRI machine. The table slides through a large magnet shaped like a tube. You may have a plastic coil placed around your head. After the table slides into the machine, a technician will take several pictures of your brain, each of which will take a few minutes.
  • This can help the medical professional locate a tumour., differentiate between tumour, infection, infarction.
  • It helps to differentiate between radiation necrosis and tumour recurrence.
  • It can also help to detect changes in tissue in strokes and epilepsy.
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