From Chairman's Desk

Krsnaa Diagnostics, just as our vision goes “LET’S DO GOOD,” is involved in contributing to health and betterment of society. Our mission is “To provide quality diagnosis at affordable cost to every human.”

In accordance with our vision, we now serve all over India and have rapidly emerged as a quality diagnostic care provider over the past few years. Patients and healthcare providers depend on us for excellent and reliable diagnostic care.

We at Krsnaa provide a wide range of radiology, pathology, and tele-radiology services, which are delivered by professionally motivated experienced staff. With state-of-the-art technology combined with high skilled radiologists, we cater to the needs of the society and their healthcare requirements.

Our services are delivered through a world-class integrated delivery system. With innovation, we continuously work to bring about greater efficiency, quality, and reliability. Our success speaks for itself as we have provided services to government and private sectors.

We would like invite you to give your inputs and feedback about services rendered and your experience at our diagnostic centres.

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