We have state-of-the-art facility, technology for COVID-19 testing at our ICMR labs to provide the accurate & timely reports. The following are the major innovation we have brought in respect to COVID-19 testing -

  • First ICMR-approved lab to use 384 well PCR instrument with most modern and advanced features.
  • Use of 3 gene kit for most accurate and appropriate results
  • Development of integration tool which is used for transferring PCR graph of samples which has helped doctors to plan proper treatment.
  • Validation and use of Saliva-based COVID-19 testing and optimization of Saliva Protocol with ThermoFisher scientific.
  • First company to launch Isothermal PCR testing for COVID-19 in support with ABBOTT India.
  • Publication of white Paper along with one of the leading Healthcare AI development company.
  • Testing of UV chambers for COVID-19 and viral surface control.

Article pre-print on MedRxiv - " Reducing false-positive SARS-CoV-2 diagnoses using long-range RT-qPCR"

Various molecular tests can be used to detect RNA virus infections.

The RT-qPCR test is currently regarded as the gold-standard, but its sensitivity to residual viral RNA genome fragments can lead to false-positive results long after a patient has recovered from a viral infection.

We here modified the RT-qPCR protocol to make it less sensitive to residual viral RNA genome fragments, reducing the likelihood for false-positive results in recovered COVID-19 patients.

The method may improve test-to-release protocols, expand the tools available for clinical testing, and help reduce hospital encumbrance.

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